Friday, September 24, 2010

GoGo Search

As expected from any self-respecting website linkaGoGo provides a search feature that in the linkaGoGo case allows you to search your bookmarks and folders.

You can access this Search feature from the LinkaGoGo Search menu, by adding the Search Toolbar to one of you linkaGoGo toolbars or by installing (see Add-ons page) it in your browser’s built-in Search feature.

This standard search feature follows the traditional “enter your keyword(s)”, hit enter or click a button and a new results page appears. GoGo Search is different in two ways: First it doesn’t require you to complete your keyword, but if you hesitate typing a little then without hitting an ‘Enter’ key or pressing a ‘Go’ button the results start appearing and if there are to many results you can continue to refine your search by continuing to type. Second the results do not appear on a new page but appear “inline” in your current linkaGoGo page and disappear when you clear the search query. This gives a much more immediate effect, hence the name GoGo Search.

GoGo Search does not have its own menu tab but it is available as a toolbar. And as GoGo Search is part of the Plus subscription it is not in your default linkaGoGo setup. You will need to add it to your Toolbars. You can do this through Options/Toolbars then from the list of Toolbars choose the ‘GoGo Search’ toolbar. In my setup I actually replaced the default linkaGoGo Search toolbar with the ‘GoGo Search’ toolbar. And once you do, you will never want to go back.