Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Frequently asked linkaGoGo questions

Here a post from 2006 about the new FAQ. This has been a tremendous success, it cut down the amount of support questions significantly.

After over 5 years of linkaGoGo support, I finally decided to create a linkaGoGo Frequently Asked Questions page. As some of the questions were definitely frequent.

So here are the top three of frequently asked questions:

1)      I continually get logged out, how can I fix this?
2)      How do I remove my account? This question definitely became more frequent when we started sending out reminders when people’s trial was about to expire and we asked if they wanted to buy a subscription or stick to the free Basic subscription.
3)      How do I change my email address?

So the answers to these and six other frequent questions can now be found on the official linkaGoGo FAQ.

You can access the FAQ from the Help menu and the Contact Us page.



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